Let’s Build!

Spring season is fast approaching, though it doesn’t feel like it here in the cold, rainy Northwest, and I am reanalyzing my closet. Though I have a decent amount of clothes tucked away in there, there is no structure to it — clothes don’t mix well, there’s more special occasion items than I know what to do with, and really there’s only a handful of pieces I actually wear everyday. What a mess!

no structure, what a mess
no structure, what a mess

So, with the changing of the season I am building myself a capsule collection. (Into Mind has a great breakdown of what a capsule collection is.) I’m taking stock of what I have, categorizing, and making a list of items that will fill in any wardrobe gaps. I already have an idea of what to get, one being an amazing pair of nude heels, and will storm the mall in hopes of getting most of my list in one go. If not, online shopping is another great option.

Here’s some of the things I’m on the hunt for:

cute flats, nude heels, comfy statement pumps, tan booties, denim & leather, an awesome sun hat, and light weight button up shirts.


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