A Smart Gent

I am a HUGE sucker for a well dressed man. I mean seriously… nothing’s finer in my opinion than a well groomed, well tailored, smart looking gent. And by “smart” I don’t mean book smart, just a man that has a well put style all his own.


Unfortunately, they seem to be a rare breed here in the Northwest. Here the hipster, lumberjack and just plain weird seem to thrive. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a rugged looking lumberjack in a beanie, plaid button down and well loved denim, but if he cleans up well and looks like a smart gent… mmm… not to be raunchy, but that’s a panty dropper folks!

Now you may already have yourself a man, but he is far, far, far away from looking like the men pictured, but don’t fret my dear because I have a way to help. For the next few present-offering holidays you shall buy a piece off of this list (Men’s Wardrobe Basics) from our fine fellows at Fashion Beans. If he has the pieces in his closet, you may actually get him to wear it the next time you go out. Good luck!

Photos from Fashion Beans


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