Cinetopia: The perfect movie experience

Going to the movies used to be about just watching a movie but a few years ago I discovered Cinetopia.  It has changed the way I feel about the whole movie experience.

Before I would first plan where I was going to have dinner and have to take in consideration how long it would take to eat and then drive to make it to the movie on time.  Now, I have Cinetopia.


Cinetopia is a movie theatre with it’s own restaurant and bar/wine tasting room depending on which location you go to.  The Cinetopia at the Westfield Mall has a bar/dining area and the Cinetopia off of Mill Plain has a wine tasting room/dining area. Their food is pretty decent and their drinks are delicious. One of the many perks is that they have certain movie parlors that only cater to over 21, which is really nice when it’s date night.  The last thing you want to hear is someone’s kid fussing when you left yours at home.

Also, if you don’t finish eating when it’s time for your movie, you don’t have to shove all your food in your mouth because in certain movie parlors they will bring your food and drinks into the theater! You can finish your food and even enjoy a glass of beer or a glass of wine while you are watching your movie.  You can even order dessert to be brought to your seat.  Oh! and at the Cinetopia off of Mill Plain, if you are there just for the movie, you can be seated early and enjoy a variety of soloists playing live music from the balcony. It’s really quite fancy! There’s comfortable seating, foot benches that you and a friend/honey can share and, if you are in a romantic mood, you can sit in one of their “love seats”!

So if you haven’t been to Cinetopia, I recommend you check Groupon first because they run a lot of deals.  You can get in for less than $25 and get a free small gourmet popcorn.  I have to admit that once you try Cinetopia you will not want to watch movies anywhere else.  It’s the complete package.  Go to and check it out.



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