2014 Clark County Fair

This summer has been turning out to be one hot and amazing season. I’ve been trying to spend most of it tanning next to a body of water and have succeeded thus far. I hope you have been enjoying the outdoors as much as I have. Unless, of course, you’re not into the whole “getting in touch with nature” thing – then I hope you’ve been at the cinema because this summer has seen some pretty good movies drop in the box office. I just hope, whatever you’ve been doing, you’ve been having fun.

clarkcountyribbonJuly is wrapping up quick and next month promises to be much hotter. First thing me and my family are going to – The Clark County Fair. From rodeos, to concerts, to demo derbys and monster trucks, rides, games and food for days, there’s no reason you shouldn’t head out to Clark County Event Center and Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, Washington. Starting Augusts 1st there will 10 full days of crazy. If you don’t like kids, crowds, smell of deep fried yumminess, or carnival rides, please stay away from this fair. If you are still in touch with the kid inside you, or have kids, then please come on down! There’s a whole lot of fun to be had!

Click here for more information on the fair, entertainment, prices and hours. 


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