Charlie O

Sunshine wrapped in a tiny freckled package.

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Hmmm... About me... Let's start with I am a mom of two children. I work part time in a bookkeeping office. The rest of the time I try to find a balance between running my children around, maintaining my house and caring for my family, while working out and having a healthy lifestyle. Oh yeah, and I box. (No that's not a new craft. I box in a ring with boxing gloves. ) To keep a healthy dose of girly in my life I also dance. Tahitian dance. (If you've never seen it... You should. Its every bit of sensuality, grace and beauty you can imagine.) I love to cook. I started cooking thinking the easier the recipe the more mundane and less interesting it would be. So my meals became more and more complex. I've since altered my perception of cooking. ;)

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