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Mermaid Status

I am a mermaid.

Ok not really, but I would totally be one if it were at all possible. I’d hunt down Ursula the sea witch and trade whatever she wanted if I could have a tail whenever my legs got wet.┬áSince I have no clue where Ursula is hiding, I’ll go for the next best thing: Mermaid Hair Shampoo and Conditioner.

All the reviews I’ve read on these products says it smells exactly like what you would think a mermaid would smell like – a light floral beachy scent made up of orange blossoms, the ocean breeze, and just a hint of coconut. Sulfate free and made of only natural ingredients this shampoo and conditioner set will give you hair just like Ariel’s from the Little Mermaid, shiny and full of volume. Seriously though, even if it didn’t smell all that great and didn’t do anything different from my regular shampoo and conditioner, I’d still buy it just to have it sitting on my bathroom counter. Seeing those cute little bottles would make me smile every time.


The MERMAID line also has a perfume in their signature orange blossom scent, body oil and candles. If you’re a mermaid too and would like to try the collection click here to head to the MERMAID website. The collection is also available at Urban Outfitters retail stores and online at

Now excuse me while I go pretend to be a mermaid. Aaa a aaa…

MERMAID Perfume – $50
MERMAID Perfume Oil – $50
MERMAID Shampoo & Conditioner – $60
MERMAID Body Oil – $70
MERMAID Candle 7oz – $50
MERMAID Candle 3oz – $25


Hair Curling Tutorial with Amy from Karmin

This is my favorite way to curl my hair! Takes a little longer than traditional methods but I love the results. Thank you Amy for sharing with us! Let me know if you try it too and what you think of it.