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Escape to Morocco

Ugh! with all this rain here in the Northwest sometimes we just need a quick escape from what is “normal” for us – wet, icky rain for months at a time. I’m thinking someplace exotic and far far far from here.

Morocco, a North African country that boasts both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines is a culturally rich and ethnically diverse region. If you would like to experience some customs and delicious Moroccan food then I found just the place for you.


Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant
1201 NW 21st Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
Phone : (503)248-9442

It’s only a 20 minute drive from our Vancouver, Wa. border and it is worth going the distance.  The ambiance is so interesting with soft lighting, soft music and tables close to the ground, some with fairly comfortable cushions that give you the whole Moroccan dining experience.  The set up is not really intimate as the tables are close together but it gives way to meeting new people.  Everything is eaten with bread and NO utensils, which my mother and daughter would absolutely love.

If you love eating with your hands this is the perfect place for you.

10Dinner starts off with the servers washing your hands in a wash bowl and handing you a towel that you will definitely need during the course of your meal.  The food is so full of flavor!  I had the chicken with almonds and a sweet plum sauce and very tender lamb with a dark gravy that just soaked up in the bread.  The best part is that it’s expected that you lick your fingers during and after the meal, where usually that would be seen as “barbaric”.   And just while your belly is getting full they have belly dancers that come out and entertain you with their very sultry dancing.  It’s so fun to watch and the dancers are very friendly and interact with the crowd.  I was chosen with others to join the Belly  Dancer on the floor and learned a few new moves and got to work off some of the delicious food I stuffed myself with.

Review: Two gravy covered thumbs up!

I highly recommend that you try this restaurant at least once and I guarantee that you will go back again.  Now you would think that all this would cost a small fortune but it is very reasonably priced and more than likely you will have left overs to take home.  You will leave there with a full and happy belly.


About Last Night……

about-last-nightI am a big Kevin Hart fan so I knew I had to watch the movie. Finally did, with my husband, and I have to say that I would have been better off watching it with “my girls”.  The movie showed the funny side of what men and women go through while dating, how relationships begin and end and begin again! (We’ve all been there).

Warning: The movie has a lot of adult content so please don’t take the kids. And of course every time the sex scenes came on, my husband would nudge me and give me the eye! Men…

hr_About_Last_Night_8It was mostly belly laughing fun but towards the end it started getting uncomfortably “too close to home”, you know, the real life things that happen in the course of most relationships (including my own). After the movie I felt the need to talk to my BFF to do some comparing, complaining and maybe a little “yeah, why do men do that?” kinda chatting that of course I can’t do with my hubby! I highly recommend watching this with your friends and not your significant other so that afterwards you can grab a drink and talk about how  totally confusing the other sex is!

Rating: It’s a must see! Get your girls together and have a night out of fun and drinks!