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Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Polka Dotted Season

This weekend was sunny, and warm, and a real tease! It had me thinking it was summer already. I even pulled out my swim suit. Almost put it on too until I looked down and realized… I’m so not ready to be wearing this! Thank you for the wake up call crazy Northwest weather!

Yes bikini season is fast approaching. Most of us have been looking at that squat and ab challenge on Pinterest, or have been thinking of starting that new detox diet everyone’s been Facebooking about. There always seems to be a whole process to looking fabulous next to our chosen body of water, and most of it is painful.

Well here’s something not so painful. Swimsuit shopping! Here’s the newest trends this swimsuit season. Find your favorite looks and cross one thing off your swimsuit ready list without having to torture yourself before hand. Browse and enjoy!

Get Cheeky

Fringe Please

Crochet Away

Ruffle Me Up

A Good Sport

Let’s Go Retro

Crop Topped

Sexy Mono


Elements of Style – Accessories

I had the privilege of studying under the fabulous Eden Dawn, fashion editor for Portland Monthly Magazine, when I attended The Art Institute of Portland. As a fashion marketing student I had a fair amount of classes with Eden as my instructor and she always looked stunning. So when I found this video of her sharing some tips and tricks of how to accessorize I had to post it here on our blog. Not only does it go over the element of three, accessorizing for body type and occassion, but it also mentions many local Portland designers and shops that are definitely worth checking out. So go ahead, push play.

A Smart Gent

I am a HUGE sucker for a well dressed man. I mean seriously… nothing’s finer in my opinion than a well groomed, well tailored, smart looking gent. And by “smart” I don’t mean book smart, just a man that has a well put style all his own.


Unfortunately, they seem to be a rare breed here in the Northwest. Here the hipster, lumberjack and just plain weird seem to thrive. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a rugged looking lumberjack in a beanie, plaid button down and well loved denim, but if he cleans up well and looks like a smart gent… mmm… not to be raunchy, but that’s a panty dropper folks!

Now you may already have yourself a man, but he is far, far, far away from looking like the men pictured, but don’t fret my dear because I have a way to help. For the next few present-offering holidays you shall buy a piece off of this list (Men’s Wardrobe Basics) from our fine fellows at Fashion Beans. If he has the pieces in his closet, you may actually get him to wear it the next time you go out. Good luck!

Photos from Fashion Beans

Remixing Your Closet

So last week I had mentioned that I’m in the process of cleaning out my closet and creating a capsule collection. Most of my time, however, was spent trying to figure out which outfits I always fall back on… what seems to be my “uniform.”

I finally figured it out! It’s skinny jeans, a fairly fitted top, a cover up, and heels. All my other outfits always seemed to have one or two of these elements as well. Like another staple is my uniform but with non-heeled shoes like flats or boots. Or during the summer I fall back on shorts or a cute skirt and a fairly fitted top, a cover up and non-heeled shoes.

My Uniform = Skinny Jeans + Fitted Top + Cover Up + Heels

Now that I got that all figured out I just needed to figure out how to mix up all these element into outfits. That’s when I came across this:


Natalia over at Ma Nouvelle Mode wrote up this post about mixing things up with the few garments she has in her teeny closet.

As a mother who spends all my money on my kids instead of on myself I have a closet that’s probably just as small as hers. There hasn’t been much updating and I tend to fall back on the same dated outfits over and over again. After reading this article, however, I think I’m going to take Natalia’s 7 day challenge and see if I can’t “remix” my closet as well using key pieces in my uniforms – skinnies, skirt, fitted tops, cover ups, and heels.


Read Natalia’s original post here at Ma Nouvelle Mode and let me know if you’re going to take the challenge as well!

Spring Trends 2014 – pt.1

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I know it doesn’t feel anything like Spring here in the ever rainy Northwest, but whether we like it or not, the official start of Spring is March 20th. That gives us a few weeks to shift through our closets, organize, plan and shop for those missing pieces that will take us from drab to glam come Springtime.

Instead of creating a slideshow with outfit ideas for all the trends this spring I’ll just do a few at a time. This week, my favorites: full skirts, pretty sheer things and lots of floral!

According to most style magazines and blogs these are the trends to plan for come Spring 2014: Metallics, crop tops, sheer panels & overlays, sporty influences, full skirts, floral patterns (of course), pleats, artsy prints, words, ruffles, and slouchy silhouettes. Come back next week for the next three trends and outfit ideas.

Let’s Build!

Spring season is fast approaching, though it doesn’t feel like it here in the cold, rainy Northwest, and I am reanalyzing my closet. Though I have a decent amount of clothes tucked away in there, there is no structure to it — clothes don’t mix well, there’s more special occasion items than I know what to do with, and really there’s only a handful of pieces I actually wear everyday. What a mess!

no structure, what a mess
no structure, what a mess

So, with the changing of the season I am building myself a capsule collection. (Into Mind has a great breakdown of what a capsule collection is.) I’m taking stock of what I have, categorizing, and making a list of items that will fill in any wardrobe gaps. I already have an idea of what to get, one being an amazing pair of nude heels, and will storm the mall in hopes of getting most of my list in one go. If not, online shopping is another great option.

Here’s some of the things I’m on the hunt for:

cute flats, nude heels, comfy statement pumps, tan booties, denim & leather, an awesome sun hat, and light weight button up shirts.